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A City Break Weekend that Won’t Break the Bank

A City Break Weekend that Won’t Break the Bank
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There can be little doubt that a weekend away in a fun city is one of the best ways to relax, It also offers the opportunity to recharge those batteries.

The great news is that nowadays, you can do this for far less than you might think. Here we look at some tips that can help you to take a break without worrying too much about the overdraft when you return!

Off the Beaten Track

Although Paris may be your preferred destination, why not buck the trend and look into somewhere a little less obvious instead? Cities such as Dubrovnik are just as beautiful, and will cost almost half as much as the French capital. You can get some lovely 5 star accommodation here for less than £300. Not to mention the fact that the weather is great almost all year round.

Shop Around

Check out holiday comparison websites, but don’t take the first bargain that you see. Sometimes it pays to visit high street travel agents and ask for any last minute offers that may be available. You might be surprised to learn that they often have access to cheap flights, and hotel rooms that would otherwise be empty.

Avoid Peak Times

When you’re booking your holiday, try looking at different dates, and compare the prices. Weekend travel will always carry a premium, so why not travel on a Tuesday or Thursday instead? The savings could easily add up to a few hundred pounds! And you’ll still be staying in the same hotel – but with a lot more spending money in your pocket.

Follow these My Financial Broker tips, and surprise your loved one in a way that he or she will never forget!

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