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Top Ten Tips For Saving Money At Easter

Top Ten Tips For Saving Money At Easter
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Easter can be a fairly pricey time of year. As well as buying many guilt-free packs of Mini Eggs, there are often lots of activities and parties to attend, so Easter can quickly become costly. We’ve found that you don’t have to spend lots to fulfill your post-lent cravings, so check out our top 10 tips for saving money at Easter!

1. Check Your Emails!

All shops have deals on at Easter. Delve into your promotional emails and the chances are you’ll find a useful discount for something you’ve been saving for. Can’t find the right discount code? Try using Join Pouch, this web extension will automatically give you the best voucher codes at the checkout!

2. Don’t Buy Easter Eggs

We won’t lie, Easter eggs are great fun, but they can also be very expensive. It may look like you’re buying a large amount of chocolate, but actually a standard bar could be half of the price! At 515G in weight, a Dairy Milk Giant Egg costs £9.99, but their 850G Dairy Milk Bar is just £9.00 and contains nearly double the amount. Not so giant after all…

3. Easter Egg Hunt

Lots of small eggs are always a cheap alternative to buying one big egg, and they’re perfect for hiding in grass and flower patches. Have an egg hunt, and hide some tasty eggs around your garden.

4. Egg Dyeing

You can make your own dye for much less than Easter egg dyeing kits cost. Simply mix a few drops of food colouring, boiling water, and a teaspoon of vinegar and you’ve got working egg dye not almost no cost.

5. Check for Free Days Out

There are plenty of free places to go over Easter. Check your child’s school activities, or local libraries for fun Easter activities. Garden and community centres often host egg hunts and creative sessions, too. If you’re London-based, this is a great variety of free museums to visit!

6. Homemade Treats

If you’re a home that bakes often, it’s very possible you already have everything you need to make some fun Easter treats. Cornflake nests are popular, and all you’d need is the cereal, some mini eggs, and cheap chocolate. If you wanted to go extra, check out this Creme Egg brownie!

7. Get Creative

It’s easy to make a quick Easter bunny headband. Templates are available online, and all you’ll need is some paper, crayons/felt tips, tape, and some string. Easter bonnets are another classic Easter activity, and you can decorate them using handmade paper flowers.

8. Do a Spring Clean

You’d be surprised how much money you could earn by selling some of your buried and unwanted items on sites like eBay and Gumtree. Even broken electrical goods like mobile phones and televisions can bring in a little bit of money!

9. Make Your Own Easter Egg

If understandably just can’t go without having the satisfaction of cracking into an egg-shaped mould, try making your own! And when it comes to food, try having your own Easter Feast at home. You can make delicious foods for a lot less than it will cost to take your whole family to a restaurant, and the leftovers will make great meals for a couple of days afterwards.

10. Get the Closed Daffodils

These days you tend to see daffodils popping out as early as January 1st. Nothing says Easter in the spring time more than a bunch of blooming daffodils. The problem is once they’ve flowered they tend to wilt and fade within a couple of days. Make your purchase last longer than a few days by buying them prior to the bank holiday weekend and before they’ve opened up.

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