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Five Foolproof Ways To Get Into Festivals For Free!


Festivals are expensive. Most of the biggest festivals in the UK are around £200 for a weekend ticket, and that doesn’t even include the cost of accomodation, travel or food! According to research by MSN, the average British festival-goer will spend £405 a year attending festivals: a cost which is unaffordable for many.

Luckily, there are some guilt-free blagging methods to get you into festivals for free!



Stewarding is a great way to get into the festivals on the cheap. You’ll be able to meet new people, help maintain a friendly festival environment and assist people with site information. You will usually have to work a full day, but that’s not so bad considering you’ll have access to a festival on a free! Check out these sites such as Festaff and Hotbox Events for stewarding opportunities.

Volunteer for a charity


Charities such as Oxfam offer stewarding, campaigning and also volunteering in pop-up shops in some of the UK’s biggest festivals. Not only will you get a free ticket, but you’ll have the chance to give something back to world by freeing people from poverty and inequality. Oxfam offer tickets to attend Reading & Leeds, Latitude, Bestival, Boomtown and many more.

Become an Eco Warrior


Festival sites are messy, not just with mud but with litter too. Check out festival’s websites to see if they have any opportunities to do a few shifts collecting recycling in exchange for a free ticket. Although you may have after the festival is finished, sometimes the work may also be paid! Try looking on DCS Site Services, who have worked with festivals such as V fest and BoomTown in the past.

A Press Pass


If you’re an aspiring writer, blogger or perhaps you’re already a journalist, try to use your talents to wangle free entry to the event. If you don’t already work for a media company, contact a publication such as a student magazine or a local paper and ask if they are sending anyone to cover the festival, there’s a chance they’ll get you a ticket!

Be a Medical Volunteer


If you’re medically trained and qualified, you can volunteer for ‘not for profit’ charities such as Festival Medical Services (FMS) to provide healthcare and medical provision at festivals. FMS have provided medical volunteers for huge events like Glastonbury and Reading & Leeds. If you’re looking to take a course to further your medical training, they offer that too! Even if you’re not medically trained, you can apply to be part of the support and admin team.