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Five Ways To Keep Your Kids Entertained On A Budget This Easter

Five Ways To Keep Your Kids Entertained On A Budget This Easter
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Having the kids home for the Easter holidays is a great opportunity to have some family fun time. Although days out and short breaks can quickly become expensive. But with this guide, you won’t need to borrow money to have a very hoppy Easter. Here are five ways to keep your kids and your pocket happy!

1. Activities at Your Local Library

Libraries, and also community centres, often have a huge range of activities for kids during Easter. The majority of them are free too, baring one or two that may cost a few pounds. These activities, ranging from Easter egg painting to craft sessions, to Easter egg hunts, these all are a sure way to keep your little ones happy and busy during the Easter School Holidays. The next time you pass by your local library, look for the posters that are no doubt advertising some special Easter events. Most libraries also advertise on their own websites too, so you’re sure to find some quick information somewhere.

2. Plan a Day Trip

Day trips are notoriously cheaper than short breaks or holidays, and they’re usually close by. You don’t have to take your car; in fact, train companies tend to have deals on during Easter. Look for any local 2 for 1 special or “kids go free” and plan your journey to that destination. It doesn’t need to be anywhere expensive, like a theme park, because there are plenty of zoos, gardens, parks, and other places that you can visit as a family that won’t cost a small fortune.

3. Easter at Home

Celebrating Easter at home is a magical idea. Not only can you find the resources you need online, ready to print, but you could also even cook a special Easter feast to avoid spending money at overcrowded restaurants. Bake some Easter treats and hide a dozen eggs around the place for a fun egg Hunt. To keep the costs down, try buying lots of small eggs, rather than one or two big eggs. You could try an arts and crafts session: use up those spare arts and crafts materials by making these origami bunnies!

4. Plan a Party

If you’re in a close-knit neighbourhood, or your child has several friends that aren’t up to much over the Easter holiday, try talking to the other parents and pitch in together for an Easter party. You can hold the party at one house, and invite several children over, not only are you offering a cheap alternative to your own Easter, but it will help out other parents too.

5. Movie Night

A movie night is perfect for a quiet night in at Easter. To make the night a bit more special: choose a few holiday-related movies, build a blanket fort, and put up some colourful fairy lights. You’ll quickly see how easy it is to create something from nothing. It won’t cost you a thing, and you could even turn it into a sleepover night for your little ones and their friends.

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