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Unforgettable Mother’s Day on a Budget


Mother’s Day is a beautiful celebration in the name of the matriarch of your family as well as a general honoring of motherhood and the influence of mothers in society. If you want to make this day extra special for the woman who raised you, but you’re worried about your budget, we got your back! Follow our simple tips and tricks and we guarantee you will make your mother feel special and won’t over spend.


Finding something meaningful and special for your mother doesn’t have to cost you much. The key is to make the present as personal as possible. Having trouble finding inspiration? Ask yourself these questions:

Do you see where we’re going with this? That’s right, combine the answers to find the most suitable gift! If the bathroom is her sanctuary and she loves to take long relaxing baths a few scented candles would be the best present. The first step is behind us, now it’s time to think about how to cut the costs.


You can get personalised candles saying mum fairly cheap from Etsy.

Alternatively you can buy the cheapest candles and personalise them yourself, using your DIY skills.

Flower Jug

You can get a great flower jug for £3.99 specially designed for Mother’s Day.

On the other hand you can buy a jug from a charity shop and with some paints transform it with a design your mum would like.

Photo Album

Probably nothing screams personal as much as a photo album does. We are sure your mother will be touched with this present whether you assemble it by yourself or buy one.


It’s a wonderful gift if you want your mum to have something from you she can keep close to her. There’s plenty of personalisable key rings out there, that don’t have to cost too much. Alternatively you could try your strengths in sewing and threading.  For an easier design a great idea is to use a cork which you can paint to your liking.


Bake your mum her favourite cake! It’s one of the cheapest gifts and you can enjoy it together.

If it’s already the 31st of March and you still don’t have a gift opt in for a box of chocolates, a fancy cushion or a bottle of wine.

We wouldn’t recommend purchasing cheap jewelry or flowers. Bad quality items won’t be appreciated as much as something you put thought into and the latter is very expensive for the time she’ll be able to enjoy it for.

mother's day, with child hugging mum


There are plenty of ways you could spend this day with your mother and not spend any money or very little. All our suggestions are budget friendly but we further divided activities you can invite your mum for into 3 categories: Inexpensive, Cheap and No money necessary.



No Money Necessary


One of the staples of Mother’s Day celebrations is giving your mum a card. Whether you decide to buy one or make one from scratch the most important is the message and matching the card style to her tastes. If she likes humour opt in for a funny card, however if she prefers a more sentimental style choose a card accordingly.

Now think what you would like to say to her. Do you want to thank her, tell her you love her or both? Go for it, make it cheesy and mushy we’re pretty sure it will put a big smile on her face.

Trying to show how much you appreciate your mother during this special day might be hard enough as it is, yet alone when you are trying to save the pennies! However, we hope that with our gift and activity ideas you feel confident enough to show your mum how much you care. Remember, the most important thing to her is your presence and your happiness so try not to overshadow some quality time with lots of gifts.

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