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We All Know it’s Pancake Day, But What Actually is Shrove Tuesday?


Shrove Tuesday, or more mouth-wateringly known as Pancake Day, is on the 13th of February this year. We all know you have an excuse to gorge on delicious pancakes for one day, but what is the reasoning behind Shrove Tuesday?

Shrove Tuesday is a Christian tradition where they ‘shrive’ themselves- which means to present yourself before a priest to confess your sins. The next day they commit to 40 days of fasting for lent in the run-up to Easter. Like Easter, the date of Shrove Tuesday each year.

During lent Christians do not traditionally eat rich foods including eggs, milk, or sugar, hence why a copious amount of pancakes need to be scoffed beforehand!


Pancake Day is no joke, the French recently had Nutella riots ‘spread’ across the country to get their hands on this tasty topping!

How do you make to make them?

There are actually lots of different types of pancakes from around the world, from the thick American buttermilk pancake to the Thai roti with condensed milk, and the classic thin French crêpe. 

If you fancy something a little bit different this year, try these alternative recipes for this year’s Pancake Day:

Austrian Kaiserschmarrn

This chunky pancake is cooked with raisins and then torn into lots of pieces before being served. It is also named after Emperor Franz Joseph who absolutely loved it; the translation of Kaiserschmarrn into English is ‘Emperor’s Mess’.


Thai Roti

You can find dozens of roti stalls on the various idyllic islands of Thailand. Unlike other pancakes, you make a sort of ball-shaped dough before stretching it out onto a hot plate to cook.


Or if you want to stick to a traditional British pancake, try this hack!

This video has gone viral showing how you can cook a regular pancake by heating the bottom of a frying pan then dipping it in the batter and cooking it over the hob. This looks flippin’ great!

What will it be this year, lemon and sugar, bacon and maple syrup, chocolate spread and banana?