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Top Tips to Manage Your Money
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  1. Keeping a note of your weekly expenditure is a great way of helping to understand your money and where it goes. After a couple of weeks you will be able to see the ‘leakage’. It’s like turning on a tap, sometimes it feels impossible to walk out of the front door and not spend a bean. The amount of takeaway coffees and extra snacks all add up, and it’s these that can be filtered out if you are trying to reign in the purse strings. Write down everything, including toiletries, train tickets, your bus pass to work, everything. It will help set a realistic budget
  2. Understanding the difference between what is necessary and what is a luxury will make you consider what you really need. If there is an essential to purchase, then extract those extra lattes for a few weeks.
  3. Save where possible, find a bank with a decent interest rate and put some money by each month if possible, having a financial safety net can take the strain out of unavoidable bills such as an MOT for the car or a big birthday.
  4. Bargain hunt, use discount vouchers, collect bonus points on loyalty cards and cut out any money off vouchers from magazines and newspapers. Over the course of a year you would have saved a fair amount of money, even if that’s what you use to afford yourself and your family that extra holiday treat. It’s worth watching and learning to love your money.


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