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10 Money Saving Tips


If there is an issue affecting many people no matter their race, sex, religion, location, and age; is money. Instead of applying each for a loan when you face problems, it will be better to learn saving your money so that lender will not become your best friends.

1.Set up a budget

Money is a big issue for many people because they do not have an accurate idea of their expenses. They are not able to track the way they lost their money. Creating a budget will help you to determine the amount of money you will spend for certain things. This way, you will know where you can limit your expenses and save money.

2.You must have allowance

No matter the size of your budget, it is important to have allowance. This way, you will afford from time to time new things that will make you happy and redecorate your closet. Without allowance, you may end by spending a lot of money on many things in a short time.

3.Set up goals for yourself

You do not have to rush things with your budget. Create small goals easy to reach while you are saving money. The achievement of these goals will boost your confidence in saving money. Take your time and do not expect miracles.

4.Be generous

If you decide to buy gifts for everyone during Christmas, you will lose money. Ask each member of your family to buy gift for each other, this way you will not be the only one to spend and you will save money.

5.Use paper to wrap your gift

You do not have to spend money on wrapping paper. You can make it yourself by using a grocery bag. You can paint something on it to make it attractive. You can save money this way and the receiver of your gift will be more grateful to you since you wrapped it yourself.

6.Be realistic

You do not need to overlook the fact. For example, if your monthly income is £1,000, you can think about saving £500. This is great but it is not possible. Small goals may help you to save money.

7.Be patient

Big things do not happen overnight and make room for disappointment. Patience will help you to face adverse situation while saving money.

8.Avoid temptation

Do your best to know your weakness and to avoid fueling it. If gambling is your weakness, take distances with casinos. If you like candy shops, pick a chocolate at home before going out so that you will not have to visit such places.

9.Do not sacrificing everything for saving money

If you do so, you will be miserable. You will feel like you are not progressing. Little rewards at the end of a positive month will encourage you.

10.Write down your objectives

If you write down your goals, it will be easy for you to control yourself. You can divide your goals in weekly and monthly goals. At the end of each period, check your progress.