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3 Easy Money Saving Tips

3 Easy Money Saving Tips
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If you are struggling financially, then a short term loan can be a useful short term solution to your problem. However, if you consistently need to borrow money to get by, then you need to look at ways of cutting everyday costs. Here are simple 3 tips to help you save money.

1. Switch to a Water Meter

Water rates vary in price according to how much your home is worth. So the higher your rent or mortgage, the more you pay for water. As a general rule, if you have more bedrooms than people in the house, you could be better off with a meter. If you are unsure, telephone your water company and ask them to do a water meter calculation.

2. Check your Direct Debits

Paying bills by direct debit can save money. But it’s important to do a regular audit on all your direct debits and standing orders. It’s surprising how many of us are caught out by continuing to pay for insurance, services or subscriptions we no longer need. Go through your bank statements with a fine tooth comb to identify any unnecessary payments, and cancel them immediately.

3. Save on Petrol

Petrol is now phenomenally expensive! So simple measures such as keeping your tyres inflated, driving without accelerating hard, removing the roof-rack, and putting less fuel in your car to keep weight down can massively increase fuel efficiency. Also consider car sharing, moving closer to work and avoiding unnecessary journeys to save on petrol.

Sensible spending is an approach that all of us at My Financial Broker are in favour of. We are a payday loan direct lender, and our service is designed to offer responsible lending to those who are in need of short-term loans and able to pay back within fixed and agreed repayment terms.


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