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6 Unexpected Ways to Save Money

6 Unexpected Ways to Save Money
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We are always looking for ways to save money in our day-to-day lives. While some of the most obvious things we know about like switching energy providers, using voucher codes and buying things in a sale are clear to us, some others are not. Here we list five things that you haven’t thought about that can save you money.

1. Car Sharing

If you live near a co-worker, why don’t you see if you can car share with them? One of you can drive one week and the other person the week after. This will save you petrol money that you will notice immediately. Not only will your wallet like you but you will also be doing your bit for the environment!

2. Repay Your Existing Credit

It may sound quite obvious, but you should focus on paying off your existing loans and overdrafts to stop late interest being incurred and even charges for late payment happening. Prioritise paying off the high-interest loans first: bad credit loans often have a higher APR so you are better off paying these first. My Financial Broker offers loans for people with bad credit and can be repaid without any early repayment fee.

3. Go to the Supermarket Late at Night

We have all sometimes been to the supermarket in the evening but we don’t always go there with the intention of finding a bargain. Maybe it’s time you did. You will often find meat, fish, bread and other fresh food at significantly reduced prices if they are going out of date. You can freeze most things and only use it when you need.

4. Consider a Sim Only Mobile Deal

If you have a smartphone that you are happy with, why not just switch to a sim only deal instead of getting an expensive contract. This could save you 10’s of pounds on a monthly basis, which quickly adds up. There are loads of deals out there so shop around on sites like MoneySupermarket, Compare the Market and uSwitch for great offers.

5. Do DIY

There always seems to be something that needs fixing in our houses and the first thought is always to get someone in to fix the problem. Why not have a go at doing some DIY to fix the issues you are having. Now it’s important not to try anything dangerous but there are a number of experts who would have given their expert advice on YouTube. So next time you need some painting done or fixing a broken sink, consult the experts online, you never know, you might have a skill you didn’t know about.

6. Cancel Your Sky Satellite Deal

If your Sky subscription is up for renewal, consider cancelling it. Sky provides a lot of value, but if you don’t actually watch that many things on Sky, why not consider why of the many cheaper subscription services like Netflix or Amazon Prime? Individually both will cost you less than £100 and even if you got both, it may work out a lot cheaper than renewing your Sky subscription. Now of course if you watch a lot of sport you may want to look at keeping your Sky subscription. But why not consider downgrading your package to a cheaper one!

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