Should You Relocate, Or Redecorate? These Signs Might Make Up Your Mind…

With the current housing market and sky-high costs associated with owning a house, many are glad just to be able to have one of their own. There is no better feeling than coming home to your own comfortable living space, but there are many things that can prompt you to want to move or make changes to your home.

Deciding whether or not to move can be difficult, especially financially, which is why it is important to weigh up all your options. With today’s costly property market along with a lack of available housing, redecorating and remodeling your home could be the better option for your circumstances.


Here are four signs you should either relocate or redecorate:

You can only afford to move if you stop going food shopping.

Obviously, not doing your weekly shop is practically impossible. But the point is that it would be unwise to move if the cost would force you to make harmful cutbacks in your spending. Although the grass may look greener in a new home if you put yourself in financial difficulty by relocating it may not be so enjoyable. This would also create an issue if you had a large unexpected cost and you did not have enough to pay because of the increased outgoings. If you find a surprise bill that your unable to cover before payday, you can apply for a quick cash loan with PiggyBank.

Verdict: Redecorate

You’ve outgrown the home, and now you’re too close for comfort.

If your family is growing and will likely continue to need more space then relocating will likely be the easiest and long-term most beneficial option. If you immediately need more room for young children, hobbies or even for work then moving is going to be the best choice. Rightmove has several useful tools like a school checker and an affordability checker.

Verdict: Relocate

Your current home is almost perfect, but you are running out of space.

Renovation requires a huge amount of time and money for planning and construction, which can be disruptive for many people’s situations. However, unlike the above situation, if you do not require space immediately and your house is already in the perfect location, then it is far more likely that renovation is the best option. Adding features such as a loft conversion or a garage will also increase the market value of your property should you want to sell!

 Verdict: Redecorate

You’re bored of your current home, but you have no need to move.

Finding an ideal location with regards to work, schools, family and friends for your home is incredibly important. But having a home that is a pleasure to come back to at the end of the day is also crucial. If that drab wardrobe or dingy paint job in the kitchen bothers you then it’s time for an update. Home painting is not only low cost but also it can make a huge difference in how clean, fresh and new your house looks. In addition, the change can occur over a matter of days.

Flatpack furniture is cheap and useful but it’s often lacking in quality and attraction. Donate the flatpack items to a charity or if it’s in fair condition sell it on eBay or Gumtree.  Once you’ve offloaded it, look for some sturdy second-hand furniture for a bargain!

Verdict: Redecorate

Redecorating and renovation can become expensive as you may uncover more issues that require fixing. If you find that you do have an unforeseen cost, PiggyBank is a direct lender that offers convenient payday loans in your time of need.