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5 Simple Steps to Save on Your Bills

5 Simple Steps to Save on Your Bills
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Most of us dread getting our monthly bills, especially in winter when things like our heating bills go through the roof. However, whether it’s gas, electric or water, there are ways of stopping your bills from reaching astronomical heights! Bills are never going to go away so finding ways of cutting them back is the best solution. We’ve looked at five easy ways to save on your bills below:

1. Don’t Fill the Kettle Up All the Way

You may remember a parent or grandparent saying this to you – only boil as much water as you need. You use more electricity the more water you boil. If you want two cups, only boil enough for that. This may sound like a tiny thing, but if you drink a lot of tea or coffee each day, think about how many times you boil the kettle! If you’re using twice as much energy as you need to, each time the kettle is boiled, this will add up over time.

2. Don’t Leave the Taps Running

Don’t wash the dishes under running taps. Or if you do, don’t keep the taps at full blast! Filling up a washing-up bowl of water, and then gently rinsing each item before it’s dried, can save you a lot of water, and therefore a lot of money. Other ways to save water include showering more and taking fewer baths. These are simple things that could help to reduce your water bill.

3. Don’t Leave Electrical Goods on Standby

If you’re not watching it or using it, then turn it off. This rule applies to various electronic devices, such as to computers, stereos and TVs. You may be surprised by how much electricity a device on standby uses. And, just like the issues above, it all adds up!

4. Draft Excluders

Do your grandparents have a draft excluder? However old fashioned you may think these are, they do work! If this is a concern, it’s worth noting that there are trendy ones on the market, alongside the more tradition kinds. But the important thing is, they are really efficient at keeping draughts at bay.

5. Energy Saving Light Bulbs

This, in fact, is quite a big one. It may seem a tedious thought, to change every light bulb in your home, but LED bulbs will save a huge amount on your electricity bills. It may even be worthwhile phoning your local council, as some of them give LED bulbs away as part of energy incentive programmes.

Sensible spending is an approach that all of us at My Financial Broker are in favour of. We work with a number of payday loan direct lenders, and our service is designed to offer responsible lending to those who are in need of short-term loans and able to pay back within fixed and agreed repayment terms.


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