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Save With the New Winter Discount Schemes from Energy Providers


We are being prepared as a nation for one of the coldest winters in years, so our purse strings are going to get just as affected by the change in temperature as our homes. Staying warm in winter is essential for our health, without that, those of us who work as freelancers or are on 0 hours contracts will suffer, after all illness means no wages. Other vulnerable sectors of society are of course the elderly as well as those on low incomes. So what help is out there for keeping your home hot and your bank account out of the red.

The “Warm Home Discount” schemes available to the more vulnerable sectors of society are soon to be shut down by many of the energy companies. The Independent on Sunday was quoted as saying that “One in 10 of all UK households are eligible for some form of help with their energy bills, with a total pot of £320 million available”. For those homes that are in desperate need of help with their winter bills, this could mean a saving of around £140. Low income families that will be eligible for this support should grab this money saving opportunity while its there.

According to Lawrence Slade from the ‘Home Heat Helpline’ the winter months are going to be some of the bitterest we have seen for years. He states that we should not be lulled into a false sense of security by the past few warm weeks have offered us. Slade said that “Experts say this could be our coldest winter in five years, with freezing snow and winds expected”