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Coping With Rising Energy Prices


In a news report by The Guardian, according to statistics by Citizens Advice, risings in energy prices are up to eight times the rise in your average salaries! Quite an alarming figure, that is.

We are all aware that existence with energy supplies is impossible on the planet of ours. Every minute step that we take is essentially because gas and electricity does exist. As if the inflation in prices continues at this rate, will we be able to cope with it? So can we do? How do we deal with the rising energy prices?

Here, is a list of tips for you to follow:

To save on your electricity bills, switch to CFLs:

Replacement of light bulbs with Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs is one of the quickest, easiest, pocket-friendliest and best ways to cut down your bills by $35 per bulb and your energy losses by 75%.

CFLs with Energy Star labels shout go green! They are energy efficient and best of all, recyclable.

Avail fixed energy tariffs:

The appeal of fixed energy tariffs in immense – for such plans, your supplier will offer you a fixed price over a certain period of time. It helps you to remain within your budget, keeps you alert and helps you save up to 15% on your bills. You know exactly how much you are going to pay at the end of the day.

Few tips to reduce your gas bills:

Go green:

Develop a greener household through natural gas usage, which can reduce your energy expenditure by about 41% and your carbon footprints by 28%. Households should also make it a point to upgrade insulation, doors and windows and strive to get an LEED rating which certifies buildings as less energy consuming and environment friendly.

Ask companies for special deals:

If you have managed to find yourself in a financial mess, ask companies to acquaint with the deals that they have to offer.

Or, you may also change to online bills which are said to reduce your payment by 10%.