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What’s been happening to the Big 6 energy providers?
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The Big 6 energy suppliers got a big slap on the wrist from Watchdog last July for leaving their customers on the most expensive tariffs. So how can you avoid paying over the odds for your heating and electricity, especially during these harsh winter months?

  1. Switch and save, rather than paying the highest costs for your power supply, always switch to a better deal. There should never be penalty charges or exit fees for doing this, so make sure you don’t get hoodwinked into staying. There are no loyalty schemes fixed to energy suppliers, so never worry about switching to save money, particularly at this time of year. This winter has been forecasted to be one of the coldest we are going to experience for years, so save those pennies as the heating is going to be on for much longer in 2016.
  2. Always give regular meter readings to your supplier, this will stop the energy companies from giving you generic estimates and charging you accordingly. It will ensure that you only pay for what you use. This is very important if the estimates have been too low, as the meter reading may well be higher, meaning that you could pay more for what you have already used. Everyone wants to avoid a ‘catch-up bill’. Contact your supplier to make sure that any extra units costs are spread over the whole billing period.
  3. Read your meter and contact your supplier the day that there is any price increase so you never get charged too much for the period before the increase.

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