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Avoiding The Winter Squeeze on Your Energy Bills
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Homes throughout Britain have just started to switch on their central heating to combat the cold weather. In most cases this will continue all of the way until March / April of next year. Heating your home can account for up to 75% of overall energy consumption, so if you’re on a budget it’s important to keep your home warm for as little cost as possible.

You could apply for a loan with online payday loans direct lenders to cover the cost of higher heating bills, or you could use these simple tips for keeping your home warm at little to no extra cost – just in time for the winter months!

    1. Move furniture away from your radiator – furniture can absorb heat and block warm air from circulating in your room. You should always leave plenty of space around your radiator to let it work efficiently.
    2. Use your central heating timer – why spend money on heating up your home when you’re not there? Set a timer to keep the heating off when you’re at work.
    3. Get a smart meter – smart meters are currently being rolled out throughout the UK, which are completely free of charge. Smart meters record exactly how much energy you’re using so you won’t get estimated bills.
    4. Get more insulation – so much heat is lost through thin walls, windows and roofs. You can buy insulation materials than you can put in your loft and walls and seal up any holes that are causing drafts.
    5. Wrap up warm – some days aren’t as cold as others, so it might be worth putting on a few extra layers to keep warm instead.
    6. Use your curtains correctly – keep your curtains open during the day to let the sun add to the warmth of your room, and close them at night to create another layer of insulation for your windows.
    7. Use space or radiant heaters instead – space and radiant heaters can use less energy than your central heating. Space heaters are more efficient at heating up multiple rooms and radiant heaters are more efficient at heating up a single room.
    8. Use a candle – not for warmth, but to find out where your drafts are coming from. Simply light the candle and hold the flame near any windows, doors and light fixtures. If the flame or smoke starts to move away in a horizontal direction, you’ve found a draft to insulate.
    9. Save energy by switching off devices – did you know that the UK wastes almost £1 billion of electricity a year on appliances left in standby mode? Switching off devices such as televisions, desktop PC’s, kettles and wireless routers can help you save.

These tips should help reduce your heating bill by keeping your house warmer in the colder seasons. If you have an overly expensive upcoming bill before payday, My Financial Broker can help you cover unexpected costs with same day payout loans.


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