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Are Coupons Worth It, And Will They Save You Money?


The current financial climate has meant that scrimping and saving on everything has become a must. Saving money is harder these days, but can coupons help? Or do they lull you into purchasing more or make you spend out on items you don’t need, just because there is money off. 3 for 2 is great, or buy 2 for £1.20, but sometimes when these items are only £1.17 each the saving is minimal, if anything at all, and in the case of food, it can get wasted. So not all of these savings are worth it.

Reducing the cost of your food bill each week can seem impossible, however coupons do help and if you are loyal to a particular supermarket, then this can pay off. It is plausible to turn pence into pounds when saving with coupons, you just need to be savvy about it. As time goes on all of those savings will add up.

Organisation is key, keep all of your coupons in one place, I use a clip on the fridge, then they are always there as a reminder when I next go shopping. Most big superstores give away in-house magazines, these often contain special offers and vouchers, so they are always worth a flick through.

The web is a great resource for downloading tokens and vouchers, by joining Facebook groups and signing up for newsletters and emails from your favourite brands, money saving has never been easier as loyalty is always rewarded.

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