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Cook at Home… and Save Money!
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If you are currently looking at ways to save more money, why not put an end to those takeaways and start cooking instead? Buying food in the supermarket is both cheap and fun, and you can even start a new health kick to boot!

The best way to approach this lifestyle change is firstly to think about the week ahead, and plan your shopping around what you would like to eat every day. Meal planning should be easy enough, and if you already know what ingredients are required, you can start looking at the best value in the aisles.

Try to cut down on the portion sizes and add more vegetables from the outset. Although meat can be delicious and nutritious, by cutting down on those portions, and upping the ante as far as vegetables are concerned, you will save money and improve your wellbeing in one fell swoop.

If you absolutely love bread but aren’t too impressed with the prices in your local shop, why not invest a few quid in a bread making machine instead? It’s a fun hobby and you will soon be experiencing some delicious results. It’s also a useful way of controlling the amount of added salt and sugar you eat in your bread.

Investing in a slow cooker is a great way to transform that cheap cut of meat into something nice and tender. You can save a fortune by cooking this way, and you’ll free up a lot of time besides.

Give those takeaways a swerve for a month or so, and see your savings grow! Visit the My Financial Broker blog regularly for more money saving tips.

Sensible spending is an approach that all of us at My Financial Broker are in favour of. We are a payday loan direct lender,  and our service is designed to offer responsible lending to those who are in need of short-term loans and able to pay back within fixed and agreed repayment terms.

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