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How to Save Money on Your Food Shop

How to Save Money on Your Food Shop
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Food shopping for yourself or your family doesn’t need to cost a fortune.

Whether you go to the shop daily, weekly, monthly, order online or in the store, or live solely from takeaway food, you’ll definitely end up spending a lot of money on food.

Saving money on your food shop is an easy method that can help cut back on your monthly expenses. Here are a few shopping tips that can save your food bill hundreds of pounds a year:

Budget Accordingly

Work out exactly how much money you will need for the set period of time and only spend that amount on your food shop.

If you end up with money left over, use that towards your next shop, taking less out to make up the budget allowing you to save money. So if you have a budget of £50 a month and you only spend £40, next month you’ll only need to take out £40 as you’ll have money left over.

Meal Plan

A good tip to save money on your food bill is to write down a list of daily meals for the week ahead. This is good practice in terms of ensuring you and your family are eating the right way, but also means that you are only buying for those meals. This way of thinking cuts down on your spend as it is reducing waste and money spent on perishable food items that end up being thrown out rather than eaten.

Look for Bargains Online

With a plethora of supermarkets and stores, the competition is fierce, and as a consumer, you should be looking to take advantage of that. Use online price comparison sites and you can save money by spreading out your shopping costs towards the best deals.

There are also often offers for free delivery for online shopping, discounts and price comparison deals from store to store. Do your research thoroughly and shop around at different places and this will have a positive effect on your weekly food bill.

Avoid Food Wastage

Did you know that the average household wastes £470 worth of food a year? Most of this comes from packing something away and forgetting it or throwing out perfectly good food that can still be eaten.

Operate a “first in, first out” practice. When unpacking your shopping, move older products to the front of the fridge/cupboard so they get used before they go out of date. Buy some cheap containers and take any dinner leftovers to work the next day – ensuring you get the most out of your food bill and saving money on the next one!

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