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Affected by Redundancy? Here’s What You Should Do
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Being made aware that your career is in peril due to redundancy can cause a great a deal of stress and quite often financial difficulties. The story on everyone’s lips this week is the devastating news that the construction giant Carillion has collapsed into liquidation, which has put around 20,000 jobs in the UK alone at risk.

The ONS figures show there were about 114,000 people made redundant last year in the UK, so many more people are certain to be laid off in 2018. We strongly believe that people need sound advice and support when they are put in the position of financial difficulty, so here is the best way to manage your redundancy:

Your Rights

Once you’ve been made aware of your redundancy you may be eligible for these rights:

Redundancy pay
Time off to search for a new job
A notice period
Redundancy pay

Usually employees working for more than two years that are being made redundant are granted statutory redundancy pay depending on their length of service at the company.

You’ll be entitled to:

half a week’s pay for each full year you were under the age of 22
one week’s pay for each full year you were between the age of 22 and 41
one and half week’s pay for each full year you were older than 41
However, you will not be granted this if your employer has offered you alternative work that you have declined.

For more information on your employee rights, visit the site to find out more.

Finding New Employment

On top of it all, one of the most difficult tasks can be finding a new job. Firstly, contact your local Jobcentre and request their Rapid Response Service if you are in the process of being made redundant or have been redundant in the last three months.

It is also worth making recruitment agents aware of your situation.

Advice for those affected by Carillion

Although the company has gone into liquidation, it’s subsidiary companies will continue to run as normal until further notice.

If you work for Carillion, you should continue to attend work as you will get paid as normal and if you have any questions use the dedicated helpline.

If you have not been paid by Carillion for service or goods you’ve supplied, or you’ve paid for services or goods you’ve not received, you need to sign up as a creditor to Carillion.

A dedicated website and helpline has been created for those affected by Carillion’s insolvency.

Helpline – 0800 063 9282


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