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Use These Foolproof Tricks On Your Social Media To Get A Job!
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A staggering one in five employers has turned down a candidate because of something unappealing on their social media. The last thing you worry about when being tagged in a photo or sharing a post is whether it will affect your job prospects. Although according to a YouGov survey, almost half of employers stalk your LinkedIn and Facebook accounts. So what can you do to your social media to make you look like the ideal job candidate online?

The Generally Unwritten Rules

To quote everyone’s favourite wizard from Middle Earth, if you’ve got lots of crude pictures and shared content on your feed that could be seen as offensive, delete it or change the visibility settings. Employers will undoubtedly be put off by crude or divisive posts.

If you have any interesting blogs or other online presence such as a portfolio, make sure you display them in your bios. Employers will be impressed by your extracurricular activities!

It may be a good idea to follow companies you are interested in joining, and even the profiles of employees that could be involved in your interview. But it’s very important that you don’t pester them and ask for updates on interviews and applications.

Although it is a good idea to post that you are looking for a new role, don’t make it seem like you are only in it to pay your bills and loans. Yes, payday is a big part of a job, but jazz up your reasons by saying you’re looking for a new challenge. Use keywords in your post too: for example, if you’re a customer service phone agent, use these exact phrases so people can find you!

If you left a previous job with hostility, don’t share any posts that are unkind to your previous employer. This might mean your employers will not leave a good reference, and it will not reflect well on you to any new employers.

Up Your LinkedIn Game

LinkedIn isn’t as popular with millennials, however, that’s not to say it isn’t useful! In fact, it’s probably the most influential social platform for your career.

Ensure your work history is filled in with excellent punctuation and grammar, and use a professional profile picture. Use your bio to advertise that you’re looking for a new opportunity.

Join some relevant groups on LinkedIn, this will give you the opportunity to chat with other people in your field of work. Making conversation with people in your sector could lead anywhere!

Connect with people you know including old work colleagues to ensure you have as many connections as you can. As with the groups above— the more links you have with other people, the more likely you are to be scouted by potential job offer…

Use Facebook To Your Advantage

You’re not alone in the fear that an interviewer would unearth a cringe-worthy picture or comment you posted 8 years ago. But this doesn’t mean you should completely lock down your profile.

Put restrictions on your photos, your shared posts and ‘About Me’ section, but keep relevant information such as your employment and education background. Publicly share interesting aspects your life such as charity work or articles about your work sector to ensure any snooping employers understand that you’re a hard work individual. Let them see exactly what they want to see!

It’s never a bad idea to like and follow the companies that you’d like to work for, especially so you can be made aware of their activity to talk about during an interview. You may also be alerted of upcoming job openings.

Tricks For X

You can use X to position yourself as a professional and personable thought leader. If you’ve got interesting or witty things to discuss, share your thoughts and people will begin to follow and engage with your tweets. Think of yourself as a brand, and how you think people should see you.

It’s important not to be too robotic with your tweets, people want to see your personality! Employers will want to bring you in for an interview if they see a charismatic individual on X.

Make use of the power of the hashtag, search for #hiring around your location to see if any employers are advertising any openings near you. Also, remember to follow X Handles that will provide you with advice and opportunities:


Happy job hunting!




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