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The Average Brit Has 33 Tasks On Their Weekly To-Do List: This Should Be #1
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Research by the FCA has shown that the average UK adult has a colossal weekly To-Do list of 33 tasks. They found that 60% of us are feeling overwhelmed by these long lists of things to do and that three in four of us are planning to tick off these tasks over the upcoming bank holiday.

Nearly a third of Brit’s say it is too time-consuming to get a weekly to-do list completed, but many people will be using the upcoming three day weekend to catch up. However, the FCA is urging Brits to prioritise checking to see if they’ve been mis-sold PPI this bank holiday.

The FCA has partnered with Countdown’s Rachel Riley and 90’s fitness icon Mr. Motivator to help inspire Brits to tick off all of their tasks this bank holiday.

Andrew Bailey, Chief Executive of the Financial Conduct Authority, said:

‘Almost half the population say a deadline is the motivation they need to get things done, so we’re urging everyone to make sure they get one important thing ticked off their list this bank holiday, and that’s checking whether they’re eligible to claim for PPI. The deadline for making a complaint is 29 August 2019.’

The FCA can guide you on what PPI is and how to claim back on it here.

Sorting out your finances to ensure you don’t have any unexpected costs is of the utmost importance, and it could save you £1000’s a year. The fundamental part of managing your finances is having a budget plan. You need to know how much you can afford to spend in between when you get your payslip. Firstly, use a simple budget planner to work out your outgoings and then you can work out your expendable income. Once you’ve got on top of the basics, then you can begin moving banks to get a better interest rate or switching energy suppliers to making further savings. Use this bank holiday weekend to satisfyingly reduce your to-do list whilst also saving money!

If you don’t have a to-do list, that could be a good thing! However, if you can’t remember what you had intended to remember, these are the UK’s top 10 weekly tasks:

  • Sorting out finances
  • Making meal plans
  • Booking dentist/doctors etc. appointments
  • Putting out the rubbish
  • Washing and changing the bed sheets
  • Filling in forms such as passport applications
  • Renewing insurance
  • Buying new clothes or uniform
  • Booking holidays
  • Cooking breakfast
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