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Cash ISAs offer a safe and low-risk way to save your money - and you can open an account with as little as £100, having peace of mind knowing that up to £85,000 is protected via the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

You have a current annual contribution allowance of up to £20,000 and any earnings are completely tax-free. You can invest in multiple ISAs too, when you put money into a cash ISAs, stocks and shares or peer to peer investments.

To find the best rates and terms, you can use a comparison table and compare cash ISAs. The average ISA is usually open for 1 to 7 years, and should offer around 1% AER or higher, depending on how long your fixed term is.

Key Features

How Do You Get the Best Cash ISAs?

The best cash ISAs that offer the highest rates are based on you being able to make a higher minimum contribution (e.g £500) and your money is locked in for up to 5 or 7 years, with no easy access.

By comparison, some of the lower rate ISAs allow you to make low minimum contributions, such as £100, and the luxury of having easy access. So you can take out your money and put it back in whenever you want, subject to the current £20,000 limit.

What are the Types of Cash ISAs?

There are a few main types of Cash ISA - we've outlined these below, to give you a better idea of your options:


This is a cash ISA that allows you to withdraw cash whenever you want, but it could take a few days before you receive the money into your account.


This is a cash ISA where you can access your money at any time, instantaneously.


As the name suggests, with a Notice ISA, you need to provide the bank with notice about any withdrawals (for example a notice of 60 days). Otherwise, you could be penalised with less interest.


With a fixed term agreement, your cash ISA is tied up for a whole term (such as 1, 2 or 5 years) with a specified fixed rate.


This is a kind of cash ISA which requires you to top up cash into the account on a monthly basis to receive the interest rate offered.

What is the Criteria for Applying?

Compare Cash ISAs

To compare cash ISAs effectively using a broker service, you need to consider your requirements and find the balance between earning a higher interest rate and being able to access funds when you need them.

Some savers may be looking to maximise their earnings, in which case, a large contribution with no access for 5 years may be a good option.

Others may be looking to make a small contribution but access their funds when they need them, giving them a lower return.

Many consumers like to do a combination, putting some money into a cash ISA, and some money into other saving accounts too, such as innovative finance ISAs. Provided that it is within the £20,000 ISA allowance, you can invest in multiple products and it is still tax-free.

How to Apply for a Cash ISA

You can open a cash ISA on the same day you apply, and can open the account with as little as £100. However, for some accounts, you may require a minimum initial contribution, such as £250, £500 or even £1,500.

You can apply with a bank or building society directly, or through a broker website, where you will be taken to the account provider’s form. You can then enter your details and get started today.

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