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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re here to help you find the right lender. Our online application is simple, and you could have the funds you need within an hour of lender approval.


Do you charge fees?

We do not charge fees for using our brokerage service. We work on a commission basis with our lending partners. Some lenders and brokers you are sent to however may charge a fee.

How long is the application?

As with lending criteria, the length of an application can vary from lender to lender. Most application forms are short and should only take a few minutes to complete. Typically, if you’re approved, you should expect to receive the funds within 1 hour, though some banks do not pay via faster payment and it can take up to 3 days for the funds to arrive in your bank account.

What is a short term loan?

A short term loan is a term used to cover both instalment and payday loans. Short term loans can be lent over a week to the period of years. Short term loans are intended to be used to cover unexpected or emergency expenses. We can help you find a loan of £500 to £10,000 for up to 5 years.

Do I need to use my bank account?

Most lenders will not transfer a loan into a bank account that isn’t yours. Typically they will only send funds to the bank account you entered on application, which would need to be in your name.

What is your criteria?

The eligibility criteria for short term loans can vary with each lender. The typical criteria is that you must be:- At least 18 years old- A UK resident- In employment with a regular salary- In ownership of a debit card and bank account.

How long will it take for the funds to reach my account?

Most lenders will try to send you the funds as soon as possible, as they understand that you may need the money for an emergency expense. This can be as quickly as 15 minutes, or 1 hour, but we cannot guarantee that this will be the case.

Do I need good credit?

Your credit rating doesn’t have to be perfect to apply for a short term loan. The lenders we work with will conduct a credit check, to make sure they are lending responsibly, but we will try to match you with the lender who best corresponds with your suitability.

What happens if I make a late payment?

If you are unable to make the repayment on the date agreed, you may be charged a late payment fee of up to £15. Additional interest may also be added to the amount owed, though this will never exceed twice what you originally borrowed. Further action due to non-payment will vary depending on the lender. They may initiate collections procedures and your credit rating could be negatively impacted. Your debt could also be passed on to a collections agency or court action may be taken.