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American Express

American express offer credit cards and are known as a multinational financial service corporation.

About American Express

Although perhaps best known for their credit cards, American Express also offer a range of other products and services, including travel insurance and international payments. But with so many credit cards to choose from, it’s no wonder that they are the most popular product!

The rewards that come with American Express credit cards are numerous, with each card tailored to your needs. Whether you’re looking for cashback on your purchases, reward points to spend elsewhere, or travel miles, American Express have got you covered.

Once you’ve decided which benefits best suit you, you can compare the different cards offering these rewards on the American Express website.

Last Updated: February 2023

Why Apply Through My Financial Broker?

  • Bad Credit Considered: Even if you have a poor credit history, My Financial Broker should be able to help you get the money you need when an unexpected expense crops up. Our lenders look at other factors, such as your income and expenditure, as well as your employment history, when making a loan decision.
  • Save Time: Searching for the right lender can take hours – you need to make sure you meet all the right criteria, and then make endless applications. But if you use a broker service, the application process shouldn’t take more than five minutes.
  • Free Service: We won’t charge you for using our services. There are absolutely no hidden fees or charges – we instead work on a commission basis with our lenders.

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Company Information

  • FCA Registration Number 661836
  • Company Registration Number 05163695
  • Trading Names American Express, American Express Holdings Ltd, American Express Services Europe Ltd
UK Executive Customer Relations, American Express, Department 333, 1 John Street, Brighton, East Sussex, BN88 1NH