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Aqua is a credit card company that provide credit cards to people with credit problems. The credit cards are issued by the Bank of Scotland.

About Aqua

One of the main Aqua goals is to help their customers build better credit. They understand that your credit score may not be a true reflection of how you manage your money, and aim to help you on your journey towards a brighter credit future.

The Aqua Classic credit card offers precisely this – it’s a card to help repair bad credit. By demonstrating that you can manage your account well, you can start to build up your credit score. Checking your eligibility generally only takes a few minutes online, and won’t impact your credit score.

With the Aqua Advance card, you can reduce your interest rate over three years, as long as you pay on time and stay within your credit limit. As with the Classic card, the Advance also helps you to boost your credit score.

Last Updated: February 2023

Why Apply Through My Financial Broker?

  • Poor Credit Considered: A low credit score is often the result of late or missed payments from years ago. And our lenders believe that your financial history should stay in the past – they are more concerned with your current financial situation. As long as you have a regular income, and can afford to make the loan repayments, you should be eligible for a short term loan.
  • Time Saving: We can save hours of your time – rather than searching for the right lender, checking to see if you’re eligible and then making countless applications, let us do the hard work for you. We’ll compare direct lenders, and then put you in touch with the lender that best suits your needs.
  • Lender Options: We not only have a large number of lenders on our lending panel, you can also be assured that you’ll be borrowing from a responsible lender. All the lenders we work with are authorised by the FCA, and will therefore treat you fairly.

Contact Details

Company Information

  • FCA Registration Number 690292
  • Company Registration Number 7297722
  • Trading Names Aqua, NewDay Ltd, NewDay Cards Ltd
Aqua Customer Services, PO BOX 173, Sheffield S98 1JW