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Barclaycard is one of the UK’s largest credit card suppliers, with around 1 in 5 cards in the UK being supplied by Barclaycard.

About BarclayCard

BarclayCard is part of Barclays Bank UK PLC, solely providing different types of credit card. Their website also offers plenty of helpful information about ‘getting credit confident’, with advice about topics such as fraud, your credit score and taking out a credit card.

The credit cards on offer include rewards cards, balance transfer cards, purchase cards and credit building cards. You can use BarclayCard’s free eligibility checker to see how likely you are to be approved for one of their credit cards – the process is simple and it won’t affect your credit rating.

Once you’ve checked your eligibility, you can decide which type of credit card best suits your individual needs. So if you’d prefer to earn money for your purchases, a rewards card would be a good option, while those with a lower credit score may look into the credit building card.

Last Updated: February 2023

Why Apply Through My Financial Broker?

  • Save Time: My Financial Broker can save you time comparing lots of different lenders. We’ll take your loan requirements and eligibility into consideration, and do our best to put you in touch with a suitable lender.
  • Soft Credit Check: Just like BarclayCard’s eligibility checker, making an application with us won’t impact your credit rating. We only use soft credit checks, which leaves no mark on your credit file.
  • High Approval: We are able to help around 99% of the people who apply with us. So even if you’ve been turned down by lenders in the past, we can help you find a short term credit solution.

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Company Information

  • FCA Registration Number 759676
  • Company Registration Number 00048839
  • Trading Names BarclayCard, Barclays, Barclays PLC
1 Churchill Place, London E14 5HP