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Aldermore Bank is a retail bank which specialises in providing financial services to small and medium sized businesses.

About Aldermore

Aldermore is a bank that has a range of specialist services, including mortgages, business finance solutions and savings accounts. Aldermore have been operating for over ten years, and in this time have helped businesses and individuals thrive by providing them with financial support.

They work with a number of brokers who can vouch for their customers, which has meant that Aldermore have been able to offer credit to people that have been turned down by other lenders.

Aldermore always strive to add a personal touch to their finance options, as they understand that the financial market can be a confusing landscape. You’ll get a tailored experience with Aldermore, if you choose to bank with them, take out a mortgage or opt for a business loan.

Last Updated: February 2023

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Company Information

  • FCA Registration Number 204503
  • Company Registration Number 947662
  • Trading Names Aldermore, Aldermore Bank PLC
Aldermore Bank PLC, Apex Plaza, Forbury Road, Reading, RG1 1AX