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About Buffa

Buffa offer simple and straightforward short term loans. They aim to be completely transparent, letting you know exactly what’s expected in terms of your loan application and repayments, and allow you flexibility wherever possible.

You can borrow between £100 and £750 with Buffa, over 3-6 months, with a Representative 1116% APR. There are no late payment fees, and you always have the option of repaying early to save money in interest. 

Buffa was originally founded by two friends who had a bad experience with a short term loan. They realised that they could create a lending platform that treated its customers fairly and with respect - essentially how they themselves wished to be treated.

Last Updated: November 2021

Why Apply Through My Financial Broker?

  • Time Saving: My Financial Broker can save you time and unnecessary stress when it comes to comparing lenders and completing loan applications. Simply complete our short online form, and we’ll do our best to find you a suitable lender that meets all your requirements.
  • Soft Credit Checks: We only undertake soft credit checks when you apply with us, so your credit score won’t be affected. If you were to apply with multiple lenders directly, this could mean a lot of hard credit checks on your credit file, which might lower your score. 
  • No Hidden Fees or Charges: Although many brokers charge a fee for their services, we instead work on a commission basis with our lenders. This means that our customers can apply for free.