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About Funding Secure

Funding Secure offered peer-to-peer asset based loans - their mission was to revolutionise pawnbroking in the 21st century. Their service connected ‘Savers’ and ‘Borrowers’, allowing them to interact and making it safer and simpler for people to secure loans and earn great returns. 

Savers could fund loans requested by Borrowers, achieving returns within six months, and often compounding their returns by re-investing. For Borrowers, the service allowed them to take out credit quickly and cheaply, with no credit checks. 

Funding Secure stopped lending in 2019, when the company went into administration. However, if you’re looking for loan providers like Funding Secure, My Financial Broker may be able to help - we work with numerous direct lenders across the UK.

Last Updated: December 2021

Why Apply Through My Financial Broker?

  • Soft Credit Checks: When you make an application with My Financial Broker, we only undertake soft credit checks, which don’t leave a footprint on your credit file. Your credit score is therefore not affected.

  • Lender Options: Rather than looking through each lender’s site individually, let us do the hard work for you! We work with a large number of direct lenders, and we’ll use the information you provide to see which lenders you meet the eligibility criteria for.

  • High Chance of Approval: We’re able to find financial solutions for over 99% of our customers. So even if you’ve been turned down by lenders in the past, we may still be able to help!