Warning: Late repayments can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to moneyadviceservice.org.uk

About Provident Personal Credit

Provident Personal Credit are one of the UK’s largest home credit providers, also known as doorstep lenders. They offer unsecured loans between £100 and £500, with weekly repayments to be made between 13 and 52 weeks.

Once you’ve completed an online application, a Provident Representative will either call you or visit your home to carry out a full affordability assessment. They will also discuss the terms of the loan with you, such as your repayment dates and amounts. Once the details have been finalised, the Representative will provide you with a cash loan. 

In terms of interest rates, Provident Personal Credit’s Representative APR is 535.3%, though you may be offered a different rate depending on the personal and financial information you supply during the affordability assessment. 

Why Apply Through My Financial Broker?

  • High Chance of Approval: Not many brokers can say that they are able to find a financial solution for over 99% of their customers, but My Financial Broker are proud to say we have consistently met this target. 
  • Soft Credit Checks: When you apply for a loan with My Financial Broker, we don’t perform hard credit checks, which are recorded on your credit file. We instead use soft checks, which don’t impact your credit score. 
  • No Hidden Fees: You won’t need to pay a fee for using our services - it’s completely free.