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Representative Example: On an assumed loan amount of £750 over 12 months. Rate of interest 292% (fixed). Representative 171%APR. Total repayment amount £1351.20 and total interest is £601.20. 12 monthly payment of £112.60.*

* We do not know how many customers take out a loan or the APR, this calculation is based on the mean APR of the lenders we work with

Payday loans allow you to borrow up to £5,000 and the idea is that the money is able to tide you over until your next pay date from work, known as your ‘payday.’ They are usually for smaller expenses, but if you need to borrow more, you can apply for a cash loan without a guarantor over several months. Our online application takes just a few minutes to fill in and will provide you with an instant decision on screen letting you know which lender is most suitable for you.

How Long Can I Borrow an Online Payday Loan For?

Flexible direct payday lenders usually offers payday loans to UK customers between one week and 35 days. If you need to borrow a larger amount, or want to repay over several instalments then you can apply for an instalment loan over several months.

Can I Get a Payday Loan Fast?

You can get a payday loan quickly when you have an emergency cost. If your application is initially approved by a lender, we will direct you straight to them, so you can get your money fast. With My Financial Broker, we'll get near enough an instant decision of whether you’re eligible for a loan,which means if your loan is approved you could get your money on the same day.

Getting Payday Loans With Bad Credit

Payday loans are intended to be for borrowers who need quick access to money and don't have a good credit history. At My Financial Broker, we understand that not everyone can maintain a consistently good credit rating and circumstances can arise that lead to the occasional default or missed payment.

With this in mind, we are proud to offer alternatives that can assist people looking for bad credit loans. Our lenders will take a view on different credit histories and are more interested in your stable income and your desirability to repay on time and make future repayments.

How Do Payday Loans Work?

You can apply for most payday loans online these days, with no paperwork or phone calls required to secure the money. Our application is completely online, so you can apply on the go on your mobile phone. Simply use the sliders on our loan calculator to select the amount you need and how long you’ll need it for. Then, all you need to do is fill in our short one page application and we'll find you the best direct lender for you! If your loan application is approved by a lender, we will send you to them so that you can complete your loan application.

We work with direct lenders only, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your application is in the hands of a company that is fully authorised by the FCA and will process your loan from start to finish. There are no broker fees or hidden costs, you simply pay the interest that is accrued on your loan.

Repayments are collected once per month using your debit account. Similar to a direct debit, our lenders use something called continuous payment authority which is a method used for recurring monthly payments. You are able to assign a date of the month that you would like repayment (typically your pay date from work) and this is when payments will be collected. It is fully automated, so there is no need to go to the bank, call up or make a manual repayment, as this is all taken care of. Simple.

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