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Short Term Loans

Short term loans allow you to borrow up to £5,000 and can provide an important injection of cash for things like special purchases, emergency expenses and debt consolidation. My Financial Broker will match your requirements with a regulated short term lender who will be able to provide you with funds within 24 hours or sooner.

When applying for short term loans online through our website, you are in control. You can choose how much you wish to borrow and how long for, with the option to repay over 3 to 12 months to suit your requirements. We will place your application with the best provider possible, giving you the choice of whether you would like to proceed, with no impact to your credit score and no upfront fees. To get started, simply click on ‘apply now’ below.

What is The Criteria for Short Term Loans?

To be eligible, you must fulfil the following criteria:


Over 18 years of age


Full-time UK resident


Employed and earning a regular income


Can afford to make repayments


Bad credit considered


No recent CCJs, IVAs or bankruptcy


Valid UK debit account and mobile phone number

We run a soft credit check on your credit file meaning that it will not have any negative impact on your credit rating and will disappear shortly after. It is used to determine your eligibility by reviewing any recent credit or loan transactions.

Once we have matched you with a prospective short term lender, they may run further credit and affordability checks to confirm your eligibility. We only work with short term loans direct lenders and the approval process will vary. Some will require a quick phone call to confirm your details and others may request proof of income. Either way, our lenders are actively looking to provide short term loans on the same day of applying.

Can You Offer Short Term Loans for Bad Credit?

Yes, the companies partnered with My Financial Broker are able to offer loans for bad credit and other credit histories. Our lenders are willing to take a view on different credit backgrounds and they understand that it is only normal to miss the odd payment – but this should not affect your chances of getting access to finance forever.

Our lenders are more interested in your desire to maintain a healthy cash flow and make your repayments on time. The lenders are looking for things like having a regular income, permanent address and no other outstanding loans in arrears.

There are also bad credit products available that may require a guarantor, or no guarantor products too if you prefer, but the interest rate charged may be slightly higher or you may require additional security to be accepted.

How is My Financial Broker Different?

Free matching system

Our loans engine is able to analyse thousands of pieces of information in order to match your application to the best short term lender for you. You will be able to choose much you would like to borrow and decide if you want to repay over 3,6,9 or 12 months with our instalment loans. Best of all, our application process is completely free and always will be.

One soft credit check

We carry out one soft credit check on your credit report when you apply. This will disappear from your credit file shortly after and not have any lasting impact on your credit score. One major issue for many borrowers is that they feel the need to apply with multiple lenders in order to improve their chances of acceptance. However, this can result in several hard searches left on your credit file and this can be off-putting for most lenders. With just one soft check from My Financial Broker, you are able to improve your chances of approval and keep your credit score clean.

Responsible and trusted

We are part of a financial services company that has over 25 years of experience and has built up strong relationships with the best lenders in the UK. Helping borrowers find the right lender for them is our passion and any applicants have peace of mind knowing that we have checked and vetted every lender we work with and they are fully authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority.

How to Apply for Short Term Loans with My Financial Broker?

Start your application today by clicking on the apply now button. You will be able to apply for online short term loans in less than 5 minutes, providing some basic details including your name, age, address, income, expenses and bank details – so our partners know where to send the funds.

You will be matched with one of our responsible lending partners and receive an instant decision on the screen. If you wish to proceed, the lender will undergo some final checks and if accepted, you can receive funds on the same day and sometimes within 1 hour of approval.