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489.4% APR

Representative Example: On an assumed loan amount of £750 over 12 months. Rate of interest 191.2% (fixed). Total repayment amount £1726.68 and total interest is £976.68. 12 monthly payments of £143.89. My Financial Broker is a broker, not a lender*.

*As a broker, we are unable to ascertain exactly how many customers take out a loan or the lender’s rate of interest particular to that customer, therefore our calculation is based on the mean APR of our panel of lenders.


With My Financial Broker, you can apply for a small loan to cover any unexpected expenses, such as an extra bill or home repair. If you’re looking for a quick, small loan that you can pay back in one lump sum, even with bad credit, you can apply for up to £2000.

How To Get A Small Loan If You Have Bad Credit

If you’re looking for small loans for bad credit, there are a few options available. If you have bad credit it is likely that any loan product you choose will have a high interest rate, as you would be seen as a slightly more risky borrower. A small online payday loan could be a convenient way to borrow money to cover an unexpected expense. Credit cards and overdrafts are also an alternative way to get a line of credit, however, if you suffer from poor credit you may be charged high interest rates.

To see what your credit rating is like, you can find out for free with credit reference agencies such as Experian. The higher the rating, the better your credit. If you do have a low score, it could be due to a late payment or even because you haven’t taken out credit before.

Making small changes, such as registering on the electoral roll, can help improve your credit rating. It’s also important to keep in mind having no credit footprint can sometimes be as bad as having a poor credit history, as lenders won’t be able to see how you manage your money.

With bad credit, your options may be more limited. It can be tempting to look into small loans without credit checks, but this can cost you more in the long run. These types of loans are likely to be offered by unsafe lenders that are not authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Direct lenders do conduct credit checks, although they will also look at other information to make a loan decision.

Can I Get A Quick Small Loan?

If you need to borrow money quickly then a small loan could be a good option. Many direct short term lenders are typically able to give an instant loan decision, and if approved, pay out the loan on the same day. In terms of eligibility criteria, the requirements can change slightly from lender to lender, but most loan providers ask that you at least meet the below criteria:

  • Be aged 18 or above
  • Be in full or part time employment
  • Live in the UK
  • Have a UK based bank account
  • Own a mobile phone

If your online loan application is accepted by a lender, they will payout your money directly into your bank account.

Why Might You Need a Small Loan?

There are many reasons why you may require a small loan. Whether you’re looking to carry out an emergency home repair, or your car has broken down, a small loan could help keep you stay on top of your finances— especially if you don’t have enough saved.

Most people would prefer not to ask their friends and family to borrow money, as it can be a difficult topic to bring up. They also may not be in a position to lend you the money even if they want to. If you need a smaller amount, over a short length of time, bank loans aren’t really an option either. In those situations, short term loans can offer the best solution.

Benefits of a Small Loan

There are a number of benefits to applying for a small loan online. Our application is 100% online, so you don’t need to visit a local branch in person, or confirm any details with us over the phone. You can apply from just about anywhere, using any device, from a tablet to a smartphone. We’ve listed a few of the other benefits of small loans online below:

Helps You Out of a Tricky Spot

Small loans are a fast source of cash when you’re in a tight squeeze and still have to wait a while for payday. If your car breaks down or your washing machine starts to play up, a small loan could provide the money you need in a few hours.

It Can Help to Improve Your Credit Score

A great way to boost your credit score is having a history of on-time payment. By taking out a small payday loan and repaying on time, you will start to see your credit score improving.

You Can Use for a Small Loan for Anything Unexpected

Whether you’re looking to make a minor home repair, or pay for some new car tyres, we will be able to help you find a direct lender.

It Could Save You Money

If an unexpected expense could leave you in the red, default charges, overdraft fees and other charges can mount up quickly. By taking out a small loan to cover unexpected expenses, you could reduce the total amount you pay overall.

How Do You Apply?

We can help you find a quick small loan in the UK – all you have to do is choose a loan amount and repayment term and click the apply button. We will then find a suitable small loans lender from our network based on your information. If approved by a direct lender, you’ll be redirected to their site, where you’ll need to fill in a few more details. If that lender approves your loan application, they’ll fund your money as soon as they can.